Week 7: Too much work, Now some fun.

Hello there,

Art pretty much defines my life. This is the first piece of “virtual” art I have completely made. It wasn’t as exciting and enjoyable as actually holding the medium in my hand. But, while creating this, I felt kind of bored. It wasn’t very fun. I think I am going to stick to “hands-on” art:)


Here is what I made. It is suppose to be sand:)

Make yours at: http://thisissand.com/



Week seis: Let’s Work.


Work. Definition – exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplishsomething; labor; toil. You don’t get paid to do a simple task. But, you can. Do you get paid to help your grandma carry in groceries? I hope not. Because you aren’t completely exerting yourself. But, anyway, work can be enjoyable if it is something that you enjoy. Like for say you really like basketball. Being an NBA player would be a fun job to have, in your perspective.

Work and school. What is the difference? Well, for most jobs you get paid to be there and exerting yourself to some extent. At school you aren’t getting paid to be there. You are paying to attend. I would say that is the biggest difference between to two.

Work to me is something to look forward to. When I am done with school, I really want to be an interior architectural designer. It is something that I enjoy doing. I would also like to be a photographer. To me, photography is a way of communication. You take a picture of something you don’t want to forget. I want to help people remember.

A dream job for most people is making tons of money and buying things you don’t need. If I could have any job I would be an interior architectural designer. It is a dream that will hopefully become reality. I know I said it before, but it also a dream.



Week cinco: Adding images and attributions


Today, I just taught myself how to add images to a post. It is super easy! I get my images from:

Now, when you find your image, SAVE it. Then you go to your blog and ADD a POST.
 Then, you go to the TOOLBAR an select the FISRT icon after the UPLOAD/INSERT section.
After you do that, you click on SELECT FILES.
After that, you SELECT where you stored your image.
Once you have selected your image, you SCROLL to the BOTTOM of the page that comes up, and decide if you want it to be one of these options.
Once you select what you want, you need to  click INSERT INTO POST, which is right on the bottom of the photo above.
Happy Blogging using images!

Week cinco: Adding images & Attributions


So, my spring break was pretty great.I like being busy, but I need time to curl up on the couch and watch movies.

It all started off with, well I don’t remember the first day. But on the first Sunday of spring break, my friend Alexis slept over and we went to a fire. Then on Monday, I went to the Wisconsin Dells, and went shopping with my mother and my sister. We also went to Reedsburg and got my sisters prom dress fitted. Then, on  Tuesday I hung out at home and went to yet another fire. Wednesday I went to my friend Shanna’s house and we went to the Hunger Games; and slept over there that night. Then Thursday, I hung out with some friends and went pitching later . On Friday, I hung out at home. Then on Saturday, my parents had a party, and I had some friends over. On Sunday, it was Easter! I went out to brunch with my family on my fathers side. Then, I hung out at home. My spring break was very busy, and I wish it was longer! I am ready for summer<3