Week 7: Too much work, Now some fun.

Hello there,

Art pretty much defines my life. This is the first piece of “virtual” art I have completely made. It wasn’t as exciting and enjoyable as actually holding the medium in my hand. But, while creating this, I felt kind of bored. It wasn’t very fun. I think I am going to stick to “hands-on” art:)


Here is what I made. It is suppose to be sand:)

Make yours at: http://thisissand.com/



2 thoughts on “Week 7: Too much work, Now some fun.

  1. What a neat site! I like what you created. I also like that you included a link for your readers.

    Keep up the good work! Your mentor, Alie

  2. Good job Megan, I really like that your blog is neat and organized. I also liked in your blog how you told the truth and didn’t just say it was fun. Your described why it wasn’t fun and I completely agree. Would you make a sand art on the computer again in your free time? Keep the good work up! 🙂

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